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Building a brand, a lifeupdate

Building my brand and small company of one, "Eventyrer i Hjertet". Is taking more and more space in my life and for good reason. I am planning ahead.

So what is happening, or have happend you might ask? Well, one thing is taking more advantage of this blog to give more context for my photography, give it more meaning other than being a pretty picture. Of course not all my pictures has a long taled story behind it. But nevertheless the emotion or story it told me while taking it, I think you are entitled to. I am currently writing on several other pieces that will be published in due time.

My brand is "Eventyrer i hjertet", translated to english you can call it "Adventurer by heart". Those words describe my spirit and wanting to explore. But also to give you as a viewer and reader that same wanting. What is more valuable, than being a contribution to others finding their need to get out there and explore what is right at our doorstep?

SoMe, to me is some what of an unwanted neccessity. I am not the biggest fan of social media, but I do see the need for it in this modern world we live in. It is everywhere, and will never probably not be again. And if you want to build a business or brand, you have to use it. So I am on it to have a better reach. Instagram, facebook check check. Type @eventyrerihjertet and you will find me both places. As I wrote in the post about evolving myself. I also manage different webpages until now. that was meant to be used as a sole portfolio page of my work and a hub for potentially purchasing it, is now not in use anymore. I have done a lot of work to merge the two site together, making this page, my only page. This gives me easier days to keep it up to speed . So, I have added a portfolio menu plus som more. Toggle about and you will find it quite easy to move around. The page is still young, but growing everyday.

Just a short update.




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